2015 Jack London
Award Winners

Our own
Carole Bumpus (second row, fourth from left) was honored at the annual Jack London Awards (more)

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October 17, 2015: Adam Plantinga

Belmont Congregational Church 10 am - 751 Alameda De Las Pulgas, Belmont, CA

CWC Literary Review

Fault Zone YoCWC Literary Review 2013uTube

The second CWC Literary Review will be back up and running shortly, according to Dave LaRoche, editor. Join the CWC and be part of this publication. cwcnorcalwriters.org



CWC NorCal

CWC NorCal writers

CWC Norcal, a collection of Northern California CWC branches has a redesigned website which showcases writer oriented local events. If you are a CWC member, submit your event to the NorCal webmaster. cwcnorcalwriters.org



Get Involved

Fault Zone

Fault Zone, Our thriving SF/Peninsula anthology is staffed entirely by volunteers. It's fun, it's a great experience, and it will make you wise in the ways of writing, publishing and marketing. What are you waiting for? Contact Ann Foster for details.

Open Board Positions at the CWC SF/Peninsua

Blog Administrator
The administrator posts information on the blog as well as reviews and approves comments. It's a relatively new position and therefore open to interpretation.

Newsletter Editor.
Lay out a monthly online newsletter for members. Information and artwork will be supplied by other board members.

For more info, please contact Wendy Walter, CWC branch pres, at wendywalter@gmail.com

Minds Matter of San Francisco

Minds Matter of San Francisco

San Francisco students are in need of assistance in writing. Writing in particular is an area where many students struggle. Share your knowledge and passion for writing with our students.
Contact andrew.beck@mindsmattersf.org



Hot off the Press

Writers' Calendar

CWC writers calendar

Take a look at what's coming up! Workshops, Conferences, Events and Contests are on our Calendar.

Recently Published!


A Cup of Redemption by Carole Bumpus

A Cup of Redemption

by Carole Bumpus


Recipes for Redemption: A Companion Cookbook to A Cup of Redemption. by Carole Bumpus

Recipes for Redemption: A Companion Cookbook to A Cup of Redemption.

by Carole Bumpus


Riding the Cursed Shoots, Ambril's Tale Book2 by  Wendy D. Walter

 Riding the Cursed Shoots
   Ambril's Tale 2

by Wendy D. Walter


The Siege by James Hanna

The Siege

by Jim Hanna


Dance of Souls by Audrey Kalman

Dance of Souls
 new cover!

by Audrey Kalman


Movie Guide to Romantic Comedies, Cathy Glenn JenningsMovie Guide to Romantic Comedies: 100 Chick Flicks That Make You Laugh and Feel Happy Ever After

by Cathie Glenn Jennings


Hold Fast: Tom Crean

Hold Fast: Tom Crean

by Dave Hirzel


Who Sings to the Dead by Max Tomlinson

Who Sings to the Dead

by Max Tomlinson


Ambril's Tale, The Return of the Dullaith

Making Peg Dolls

by Margaret Bloom



Ambril's Tale, The Return of the Dullaith

Return of the Dullaith
 Ambril's Tale 1

by Wendy D. Walter


A Time to Cast Away Stones, Elise Francis Miller, author

A Time
 to Cast Away Stones

by Elise Frances Miller


Enough of Us author - Cheryl Levinson

Enough of Us

by Cheryl Levinson


Sendero written by Max Tomlinson


by Max Tomlinson


Dance of Souls by Audrey Kalman

Dance of Souls

by Audrey Kalman



Kudos and Awards


Congratulations to Bardi Rosman Koodrin!

Teresa LeYung-Ryan Playwright

Peninsula Arts Council was given the Diamond Award for her tireless work as the Literary Director of the Fine Arts Galleria, the San Mateo County Fair.
Hurray Bardi!



Congratulations to Fault Zone: Shift Contest winners:

  • First Place
    Wendy M. Voorsanger
    Shifting in California
  • Second Place
    Jane Mellin
  • Third Place
    Madeline McEwen


  • Other Finalists:
    Trinity Adler, The Oracle of Delphi
    Kendra N. Kraig, Just the One
    Simone Martel, Gina Bartalotti, Travel Consultant
    Pastor Bejinez, Old Man with the Cans
    Madeline McEwen, Boys Will Be Boys
    Carolyn Donnell, The Once and Future Queen
    Susan Frey, Bus Ride to Fresno
    Farrell Winter, The Liquor Store


Congratulations to all! The book is up on Amazon for purchase.