San Mateo County Fair June 7-15,2014

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All you have to do is come to the fair (June 7-14) and help out at the Literary Stage. Support the CWC club members’ professional-level workshops and presentations; help sell our Carry the Light Vol. III anthology; interact with fairgoers; promote the club’s features and benefits to new literary contestants; or join the audience and enjoy our workshops, readings, and even live music. This prize is worth $200.00!

To be eligible to enter this exciting new raffle, you must join us for a minimum of a three-hour shift that is not related to your own presentation (such as a reading for Fault Zone). You will receive a free parking pass and fair entry ticket and all you have to do in return is spend a few fun hours with us. To increase your odds of winning you can enter your name into the hat every day you come to help.

The winner of our free one-year CWC Membership Raffle will be announced on the Literary Stage on Sat June 14th at 2:00 pm.

Email Bardi Rosman Koodrin for more info.

The Literary Stage Schedule for the 2014 San Mateo County Fair is packed with informative workshops, creative interactions, stimulating panel discussions, and rocking music at night. Be sure to check out the full week’s schedule on the fair website that will be available the first week of May. We’ll see you there!



The 2014 guidelines for all of the literary contests are now up and posted on the fair website. Here is the shortcut to our Literary page:

Everyone who submitted last year will be mailed a guidebook in March but for complete fair info right now go You will see the home page with a gray bar under the fair's ferris wheel logo. Click on "Contests," the second heading from the right. Under Contests scroll down to Literary Arts. Under the heading Meet Bardi is the Literary Arts Book PDF you can download. You'll find all of the contests including a brand new, one time only essay contest celebrating the 150th anniversary of the California State Parks.

Great news! You do not have to mail in 3 printed copies of each literary entry! No more annoying index cards to attach! This year the fair is using a state of the art electronic entry system that should make things easier for everyone. In years past we've had problems with people thinking they'd registered, or not paying the fees, only to discover too late they missed the deadline.

It's a bit too early -- you won't be able to click on the fair's Entry Button yet. That means you can't start the process today but keep checking the website. Once you can register online, the new system will allow you to keep your account open, which will make multiple entries easier to track.

Make sure you get everything in the system and all of your fees paid before 5:00 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014!

Don't panic if you can't do it online. Just call the office at 650 574-3247 or email before the deadline for other entry options.

I'll be sending out more info as it comes in but for now, choose which contests you want to enter and get writing! At least one of your submissions will be printed in our 3rd annual Carry the Light anthology published by Sand Hill Review Press. Please forward this to anyone who would enjoy entering our contests. The San Mateo County Fair has no geographical boundaries so you can send this notice anywhere in the world (submissions must be in English).

I hope to see you at the 2014 San Mateo County Fair June 7-15
Bardi Rosman Koodrin
2013 California Writers Club Jack London Award Recipient
2012 Peninsula Arts Council Diamond Award Recipient
Literary Director, Fine Arts Galleria at the San Mateo County Fair


CORRECTION for Div 330 San Francisco/Peninsula Writers Club Writer of the Year Contest
The monetary value of the one year free membership prize is $220.00, not the $2200 listed in the guidebook.